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Shopping CartQ&A is a comprehensive hybrid marketing and consulting company that provides innovative Marketing & Sales with a New Way....for a New Age. We broker both general merchandise and services to high traffic retailers, publishers, wholesalers and manufacturers with a unique niche focus on the rapidly evolving Reading Category. Our services include:
  • Sourcing Solutions for ALL Goods and Services
  • Category Management & Space Optimization
  • Dynamic, Innovative Marketing Support for Retailers and B2B
  • Online Marketing, Website Development & Optimization
  • Point-of-Purchase Display - Design & Sourcing
  • Product Development & Sourcing
  • Sales Representation and Market Expansion
  • Supply Chain Best Practices - Analysis & Development
As an outsource partner, we offer strategic, innovative and cost-effective business solutions throughout the supply chain. Our wide variety of services provides measurable results for the emerging market trends including increased margins and an improved bottom line.